Kate Hill

Kate Hill is a medical law and ethics specialist with a background in clinical negligence. She worked for a leading law firm for 25 years representing health and social care professionals at Coroners Court and advising NHS Trusts and Private providers on policy and procedure, particularly in the risk management arena. Kate was one of the legal advisors in the reported case of Bloom.

She has particular expertise in Complex Systems, Systems Thinking, Human Factors, Mental Health and Mental Capacity, Deprivation of Liberty, information sharing, safeguarding, complaints management and consent to treatment (including in Clinical Trials).

Kate has been training on incident investigation for over 20 years as well as carrying out investigations for organisations.

She has been special advisor to NICE, sat on the National Advisory Group for Approved Clinician training and has written and contributed to a number of medico-legal text books.

Kate has provided training for thousands of professional organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The British Orthopaedic Association, NHS England, The Royal College of Nursing and The British Medical Association and has trained across the globe in countries such as the United States of America, China, Argentina, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Estonia.

Kate is married to a Cornish farmer, likes dogs and prawn cocktail crisps