Feedback from delegates about our training and the impact of it on their everyday practice

Brilliant, really needed this, wish I had it years ago.

Excellent training session. Very relevant to my role. I will be able to use the knowledge straight away. Session was delivered in a very accessible manner, good balance of discussion and group exercises.

Simply superb

Fantastic training. Helpful. Worthwhile. Has made me consider lots of things we could implement to support staff with the quality of their record keeping before things escalate to the point of an investigation (just day to day practice). Both trainers worked well together and handled the room well. timings were well managed. Both trainers clearly very skilled in their delivery and know the subject they were delivering. Very approachable trainers. Thank you for your time and style of delivery!

Delivery of a rather dry topic done really well and managed to keep every one engaged.

Very interactive and informative. Trainers were both very engaging and made the training interesting and informative. I usually struggle to stay engaged when training is via teams/zoom however the trainers kept me engaged and made it easy to follow.

Excellent trainer who made potentially (perceived) difficult topic easy to understand and approach. Very friendly and not intimidating despite being a lawyer

Very effectively presented. I liked the exercises. The main thing is that both Jo and Kate are an erudite and highly engaging double-act. I wish they delivered all my training.

Jo & Kate were extremely knowledgeable and I did like their direct manner. Being to the point and giving feedback that is unambiguous I find constructive. Thank you.

Brilliant – and benefited from Ben’s style and the contributions from all the participants. A skill that Ben is particularly good at facilitating and enabling to happen. He also made it very safe to say things openly and not to feel that you risk being ‘shot down! ‘ Ben’s humanity, experience, insight, and reflective style ensured that what is a difficult and emotive subject was brought over in such a compassionate and caring way.

Knowledgeable facilitator. Engaging used different teaching methods and encouraged interaction. Good use of clinical scenarios to link to professional practice


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