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InPractice is a medico-legal consultancy. We provide training on law and ethics to the NHS, private healthcare providers, professional associations and pharmaceutical companies. We have an excellent reputation for our Investigation/Learning Response training and methodology which is in line with the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. We also provide independent investigation, mentoring and quality assurance services.

InPractice was founded in 2001 by Kate Hill, a healthcare lawyer, and Joanne Haswell, a Barrister. InPractice has now trained tens of thousands of healthcare professionals in all aspects of the law from informed consent to sex-offender legislation. We are one of the few companies in the UK that specialises in medico-legal training.


How can a Systems Based Approach help you learn from incidents?

SBA Investigations InPractice

Our interactive and practical training will provide a structured approach to incident investigation from an initial understanding of the legal and factual context, through a detailed analysis of the issues and evidence, to production of the formal report.

Available as a 1 or 2-day course it focuses on information gathering practice, data organisation, the analysis of facts and evidence, and report production.

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